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Is A Cardboard Shredder Right For Me

Steve Holt

Posted on August 15 2019

Is A Cardboard Shredder Right For Me

Can a Cushionpack Warehouse Cardboard Box Shredder Work For Me And My Business ?

Before we answer that question we have some considerations to take into account that will help you make an informed decision. 

Question one may be "Can i reduce my costs" and the obvious answer is of course yes after you have saved the initial purchase cost, you will do this by reducing your spend on traditional void fill materials such as bubble wrap and loose fill chips or packaging peanuts, and of course by reducing the amount of card you pay to be removed that someone then turns into profit !. So when it comes to paying for your new cardboard box shredder below are 2 simple facts that show how it can pay for itself.

  • Cuts down or eliminates the need to have waste card removed from site.
  • Turns you waste card and boxes from scrap cardboard into packaging void fill.

Question two could be how you as a business can help reduce the ever growing consumption of plastic packaging. If this is an important issue as it should be to everyone then a Cardboard Shredding machine will help do this in two ways, the most obvious being a replacement for a plastic based void fill material, secondly you can reduce road miles by producing your own material and not transporting around the country what is lets face it fresh air !.

Whilst packaging void fill produced from waste cardboard and boxes is not the definitive answer to every application, when produced on site on demand it not only reduces your carbon footprint but goes along way to respecting the world in which we live.

You can see more of our cardboard shredders for packaging by visiting our product range at Get Me Packaging or for a full range of packaging machinery visit our dedicated packaging machinery website over at Dan Packaging Machinery

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