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Packaging solutions for food products

Maddie Freeman

Posted on October 21 2019

Packaging solutions for food products

It is important for businesses the deal with processing meat and fish to choose the right packaging requirements, this is also the case for businesses the deal with the distribution of fruit and vegetables and the same applies to those who package bakery products. Below is an explanation of the which packaging solution is right for you.

Bakery Products: foods such as bread, breadsticks, pasta, brioches, focaccia bread, biscuits and many other baked goods. The best solution for this is a flow wrapping machine as in the Dan Flow or semi automatic  L Sealer like the Minipack Torre Modular 50.

 Fruit and Vegetable Products: produce that needs to be packaged and preserved for freshness. 

Patrika 55 smart

  • Automatic heat-shrink packaging machine
  • Built in L-shaped sealing and built-in tunnel 

Pratika 56-T MPS

  • Automatic heat-shrinking machine
  • Continuous sealing
  • Fully electric
  • Servo assisted 

Meat and Fish Products: produce that needs to be vacuum packaged to protect food from oxidation and external agents 


  • Trolley vacuum sealing machine
  • 53cm sealing bars
  • Ideal for butchers shops 

MV 50 Swing Inox 

  • Industrial vacuum sealing machine
  • Stainless steel
  • Equipped with sliding hood and 62mm bars 

Canned Goods, Bottles & Multipacks: When product are collated and wrapped in a polythene film this is often called sleeve or bundle wrapping. We have a fantastic range of these heat shrink wrapping machines in our portfolio from Minipack Torre Gremegna.

Ms 90

  • Semi-automatic sleeve wrapper
  • Equipped with pusher
  • 90cm sealing bar

Ms 90 L

  • Automatic sleeve wrapper
  • Equipped with motorised belt
  • Equipped with line infeed
  • Equipped with built in tunnel 

Ms 90 AL

  • Automatic sleeve wrapper
  • Equipped with double motorised belt
  • Equipped with built in tunnel

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