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FC77 Chamber Shrink Wrap Machine

FC77 Chamber Shrink Wrap Machine

The FC77 is the largest of the FC chamber shrink wrapping machine, Utilizing the innovative design features of the other machines means the FC77 is still as efficient, controllable and easy to us as its smaller siblings. With the option of higher hoods these machines are adaptable and will often leave the competition behind when it comes to a big chamber shrink wrapping machine.




  • New Steel bodywork: sturdy and accessible.
  • Front control interface: intuitive programming, more space in the packaging section.
  • Standard sealing bar cooling: optimal sealing 
  • Immediate shrink fan stop: reduced loss of hot air and resulting energy savings, a benefit for the operator 
  • Innovative upper hood fastening: simplified maintenance and enhanced stability 
  • Sealing blades safety control: enhanced machine safety 
  • Support with larger reel diameter (to 300 mm): suitable for micro-punched film to pack bread 
  • Packaging plate separated from the reel support: suitable to package even very small products with the same film reel 
  • Larger packaging plate: in a size suitable to the heat-shrink chamber


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