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Combination Shrink Wrapping L Sealers 

Integrated solutions: 

Packaging Machines with heat shrink tunnel

We have two machines within this range, the intermediate Media monoblock machine with an L Sealer and tunnel mounted onto a common base and the NEW fully automatic Pratika Smart, which when combined with a full conveyor system, the machine can virtually do all of the work for you!

Media and Media Steel IT – are single-unit structures, consisting of a wrapping machine and a heat-shrinking tunnel. The machine is therefore compact and handy, for all companies that require a machine suitable to sustain fast production rates. 

The NEW PRATIKA 55 Smart; A 180° REVOLUTION is the synthesis of perfect technology that is also the result of Schneider Electric components and attention to customer requirement, the tunnel is already integrated. A cost-effective and compact machine, a characteristic that saves space and minimises labour costs. On the other hand, the other models are designed to be set-up for integration with the tunnel.

Our Combination Machines