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Vacuum Packing machines for the food industry

Our top of the range minipack®-torre vacuum packaging machines include machinery for food packaging to meet any production need.

The requirements of delicatessen shops, butchersrestaurants, hotels, catering companies and international chefs, can be met by the wide range of vacuum packaging machines. Your food will be preserved for longer and more importantly, al the food packing machines are certified according to the latest European standards. New EU food storage standards are very strict and now all businesses in contact with food must have a vacuum packaging machine. Given the strictness of food safety regulations, the minipack®-torre vacuum food packaging machines are fully reliable and technologically advanced.

Each minipack®-torre vacuum packaging machine is manufactured in Italy,and use only the best components on the market: electronic components produced by Schneider Electric and vacuum pumps by Busch, the world's leading pump manufacturer.

Our range of machines include:

The Savevac range is our entry-level external vacuum packaging machines for those who only need to preserve solid products.

Our tabletop vacuum chamber machines are our most popular product and comprise of an X and XP range. The difference is XP range has a printer which allows for a clear traceability of the product. At the end of the vacuum cycle the machine prints a label featuring the packaging date, expiry date, type of product, whether or not gas has been introduced and other optional data that can be selected by the operator.

Finally, our automatic vacuum packaging machines include machines fitted with a carriage, double tank and shifting chamber (swing), and there is our EVAC 65 which is a new specific meat vacuum packaging machine for butchers.