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MAILBAG - Vertical Automatic Bagging Machine
MAILBAG - Vertical Automatic Bagging Machine


MAILBAG is an automatic vertical bagging machine ideal for magazines, reports, catalogues and publications.

The bag sealer machine works with a film reel mounted on a motorised roller. An adaptor folds the film and forms a closed bag containing the products. At the end of the process the product is automatically ejected. Really simple!


The Transport Belt is an Optional Extra



COMPACT  - Just 140 cm high with a 80 x 85 cm base, it can be easily positioned anywhere, even in the restricted spaces of production areas. 

SIMPLE TO USE - Minimalist in every feature from structure to operation, whether in continuous or pulse-based mode, it reduces the time taken for machine preparation, loading, programming, and maintenance. 

 INNOVATIVE  - A patented system with two different and totally independent types of sealing: horizontal sealing with electronically regulated constant temperature and verticalcontinuous sealing with controlled air flow. 

SAFE - Hermetic three-seal closure with any type of film using the patented sealing system, which guarantees maximum air-tightness for lightweight products (powders or granules) or heavy products up to 5 kg. 

PRACTICAL  - Quick change collars for format switching reduce machine downtime and increase productivity.

TECHNOLOGICAL -New Schneider Electric Colour Touch Screen with intuitive and simple graphics for even simpler management of all machine parameters.ECONOMICAL -The initial investment is repaid by reduced processing times and bagging labour costs, plus savings on packaging materials. 

 MULTI SECTOR - X-BAG evo can be used in different sectors and environments: bakeries, supermarkets, fruit and vegetable markets, health and hospital facilities, hardware stores, logistics centres, spare parts warehouses, and manufacturing.


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