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Replay 40 EVO Chamber Shrink Wrapping Machine
Replay 40 EVO Chamber Shrink Wrapping Machine

Sharing many of the innovative features found through out the EVO range of chamber shrink wrapping machines help make the Replay 40 EVO a solid and dependable work horse. Very easy to maintain these compact and reliable one step shrink wrapping machines suit a wide variety of industries and applications.


Replay 40 Evo technical brochure


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High-performance steel resistors: shrinking time cut by 50% and heating time cut by 60% 

Soft Shrink fan speed adjustment: perfect heat-shrinking also on very light or flexible products. Sealed areas do not open. Extremely quiet. Exclusive patentComfort Zone Fan Stop: the fan stop is a “green” solution that allows to save 20% more energy and provides greater operator comfort during packaging, since the fan stops when the chamber opens 

New latest-generation board: quality components. 4-digit display.