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Horizontal top or bottom seal flow wrapping and packaging machine solutions

Flow wrapping is essential for wrapping and packing many goods such as baked products, sponges, paint rollers and many other goods. Our many years of expertise in flow wrapping means we are able to offer the correct flow wrapping service tailored to the needs of your business, guiding you through the process with a high quality of service. 
The benefits of our flow wrapping machines are:
- A comprehensive range of horizontal flow wrapping solutions suiting most applications for small and large bakeries 
- Small and compact stand alone entry level machines 
- Fully automated high speed complete line projects that can include printed packaging films and date coding 
- Conventional bottom seal or top seal flow wrapping solutions with no product bag
- Incorporation of ancillary equipment such as coding, labelling and check weighing

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Check out our range of Danflow horizontal flow wrapping machines 

Capella model 

Capella flow pack machine

Gamma model 

Gamma flow pack machine

Vega model 

Vega flow pack machine

End of line packaging solution

Our flow packaging service does not end after the sale of your new Danflow wrapping machine. Once you have flow wrapped your products you then have to consider how they will reach your customer intact - looking just the way they did when they left the factory. 

We offer a range of packaging equipment including carton tape sealers which will securely close the outer cartons your goods are shipped in with sealing tape to ensure a quick and safely secured shipping process. Your newly packaged goods can then be sent along one of our gravity conveyoring options which get your goods ready for palletising and then stretch wrapping with a pallet stretch wrap machine. 

For any help with packaging consumables such as box sealing tape, pallet stretch wrapping film and many more products visit Get Me Packaging where we can supply all these and other packaging related items or materials.