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The answer to your cardboard packaging, tray and box packaging problems

About our machines 

• Wide range of carton forming and carton closing solutions available to suit your specific requirements and products

• Robust well proven machines we supply from ET Pack Sprinter include; carton and box erectors, top and end load carton formers, sleeving machines, wrap around case packers and end load box filling and product insertion machines 

• ET Pack Sprinter machines - predominantly found within the food, drink and other industries 

• All the machines are designed, developed and manufactured in France with full after sales service and support provided direct from the factory and here in the UK

• The ability to offer and create a multitude of pack designs from simple sleeve applications to more complex wrap around and cluster packs 

•The ability to work with many grades and shapes of cardboard and offer glued or non glued options coupled with the years of engineering 

What Can Dan Packaging And ET Pack Sprinter Do For You ?

• We can work as your packaging engineering consultancy partner with a wide range of packaging machinery and expertise in product handling, automation, line layout and efficiency

• We can look at the automation of your existing Hand Pack carton and case operations and help you with that first step in to increasing speed and efficiency. With the correct carton design and machine combination packaging material savings can further add to your justification

•We take projects from customer brief through design scheme to manufacture and commissioning

• Our expert knowledge of carton materials and the carton manufacturing process means we can contribute to your carton design

Below is a selection of products we can produce using one of our carton and sleeve erecting machines

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