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Chamber Type Shrink Wrapping Machines

by Minipack-Torre

Dan Packaging partner Minipack-Torre are the original patent holders for this type of shrink wrapping machine producing the first ever machine in 1975. 

Our chamber machines offer...

Options of Manual, Semi Automatic and Automatic
• Output speeds of up to 650 packs per hour
• Portability - all machines ave castors as standard (excluding Minima)
• Capable of using both PVC and Polyolefin shrink wrapping films
• High performance heaters
• One step chamber machines - easy to operate 
• Improves speed and quality of finished products both for transit and display
• Quicker and better result than manual machines
• Energy efficient 

View our range of Manual and Semi-automatic Chamber Shrink Wrap Machines below

Manual Chamber Machines

Small desk top shrink wrap machine

• Includes eight shrink wrap models 

• Sealing bar sizes and speed capabilities up to 300 packs per hour  •20% energy saving features - stopping the fan when the chamber is opened 

Semi-Auto Chamber Machines

minipack torre chamber shrink wrapping machine

• Wide choice of models to suit many applications

•  Speed potentials from 350 up to 650 packs per hour with easy management and operation of the machine via the PLC control panel and soft shrink fan speed control

• Perfect for light or flexible products found in print and media industries

Large Format Chamber Machines

Large Format Chamber Shrink Machines

 • Four models all capable of wrapping up to 300 packs per hour

• Includes two that have 840mm x 590mm sealing areas and can be supplied with an extra high hood option (up to 490mm high) as may be required

• The biggest model is a very large FM 90 with a huge 1280 x 800mm sealing area ideal for picture frames, posters and such like

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