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Poly Bagging and Mailing Machines

A vertical bagging machine can be used in many sectors with food, pharmaceutical, healthcare, hardware, logistics, printing and publishing to name just a few. Below you will find a selection of bagging and mailing equipment that we can offer from the Minipack Torre portfolio of machines that are ideal not only for lower volume bagging needs but also in higher volume poly bagging for the mailing industries. The mailing machines such as the Mailbag or Continua work on flat printed items such as magazines, leaflets and even operator manuals that are placed in the box with new equipment. With the new X-Bag Evo it is possible to pack a wide range of items from bread and cakes to small spare parts and items of hardware

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The New Minipack Torre X-BAG Machine  

Ideal in the food industry and when smaller items need bagging such as hardware and hinges etc

Minipack Torre X Bag Vertical Bagging Machine

The Minipack Torre Mailbagging Machine

Ideal for the print, publishing and direct mailing industries

Minipack Torre poly mail bag machine liberty packaging

Continua High Volume Horizontal Poly bagging Machine

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