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Strapping Machinery Options

Maddie Freeman

Posted on September 05 2019

Strapping Machinery Options

Semi Automatic Table Strapping Machines

Popular for low-volume strapping of random-sized packages, a table strapping machine features a flat table for your product. The machine automatically feeds a preset length of the polypropylene banding often called simply plastic strapping out along a channel in the table surface. This is then manually guided over the top of the package and back into the end of the channel, where a sensor detects it and activates the tensioning mechanism. The strap is then pulled to the correct setting, sealed with a heat weld and releasing the carton or package from the coil enabling it to be lifted from the table ready for the next one to be strapped.  A semi automatic strapping machine is ideal for strapping bulky or oversized packages as there is no strapping arch to limit the maximum package dimensions. These machines can be used as an extra level of tape proofing as it is possible to make the strap just bite into the carton or box making it clearly evident the box, carton or parcel has been opened. We have these semi automatic machines available to purchase on line over at our sister site Get Me Packaging

Side Seal Strapping Machines

With a side seal strapping machine it features a height-adjustable table for your package. The machine automatically feeds a pre-programmed length of the strapping again along a channel in the table surface. This is manually guided across the top of the package and back into the end of the channel, where a sensor detects it activating the tensioning mechanism.  The strap is then pulled to the correct tension setting which is made by a simple adjustment wheel, sealed with heat and cut from the coil . As the tensioning and sealing mechanism is to the side of the strapping table it is protected against water and particles in a harsh environment such as timber and food processing making it more robust and reliable in harsh and more demanding production applications.

Pallet Strapping Frame

The pallet strapping frame is a mobile device that will apply 2 vertical straps to both UK and Euro Pallet sizes up to 1.8 m High. It can be used for applying both Polypropylene or Polyester strapping to pallets and makes the process much easier and far quicker than hand strapping. With no power supply or no specialised training or maintenance required this is the perfect addition to any busy warehouse operation.  These pallet strap application frames have the great added advantage that they remove the need to crawl on the floor and reduce the amount of operator bending making them not only a time saving device but also very health and safety friendly.A battery powered friction weld tool is recommended to streamline the operation and this can be suspended from the frame making damage to it far less likely

Arch Strapping Machine for integration with a packaging line

 With the arch type strapping machine the strap is pre-loaded in a vertical arch above the table under which the package is placed. On activation, the strapping is tensioned, sealed and cut, then reloaded very quickly back into and around the arch ready for the next operation. Strap tension can be adjusted but no further adjustment is required between varying package sizes. In their most basic configuration arch strappers have a static table onto which the operator manually loads the package. Following the strapping cycle, the package may be lifted off the table or pushed through the arch onto a receiving conveyor such as our expanding type. 

More advanced models feature belt driven tables which will take the package through the arch until a sensor detects that  it is in the correct position to be strapped, once the strapping cycle occurs automatically the powered table then continues to feed the package onto a conveyor system. With multiple sensors enabled two or more straps to be applied to the same package at given spacing. For heavier packages the belt driven table can be replaced with a roller driven table. These strapping machines can be used in a semi-automated environment where a packer manually places the carton onto the sealer, or in a fully automated packing line. 

 For simple strapping and parcel banding solutions why not visit us over at Get Me Packaging or sister site where you will find a great range of packaging and these great value strapping machines.


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