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Automatic L Sealer Machines For Shrink Wrapping

Here are the benefits of switching to one of our Pratika automatic packaging machines:

  • Reduced the number of operators: the automatic operation allows the machine to perform most of the packaging steps completely autonomously, thereby relieving operators who follow most of the process of their work. Therefore reducing manpower by delegating the more operational and repetitive parts of the job to the machines!

  • More efficient use of staff time: one of the main differences between automatic packaging machines and manual or semi-automatic packaging machines is the ability to shrink more packs within the same amount of time. This quality results in a considerable increase in the efficiency of the production process, with significant time savings

  • More precision: some of the best automatic packaging machines are equipped with an extremely useful measure: the piece counter. This feature allows the number of packed and stored pieces to be tracked with absolute precision, thereby allowing for a double check on production volumes which are stored.

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All of our machines can be adapted and tailored to specifically suit the requirements of your packaging operation, including additional conveyoring to integrate with current machinery, labelling, printing etc. please give us a call to find out how we can assist you.   Tel:  01246 488999