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Pratika 56 CS (Centre Sealing) Automated Shrink Wrap Machine

PRATIKA 56 CS is an innovative automatic wrapping machine that imposes a new standard compared to other similar machines of its type. The PRATIKA 56 CS allows you to achieve a horizontal sealing exactly in the middle of the product (CS stands for CENTER SEALING) through the movement of the whole sealing head. The model is equipped with kissing belt as standard.

This model has recently been updated with new improved features:





  • 180-degree adjustable control panel 
  • Ethernet port included 
  • Integrated trouble shooting to make it easier to analyse machine faults and find solutions 
  • New 5.7’ colour touch-screen panel 
  • New software with intuitive graphics 
  • Interface for new optional belts that can be adjusted from the panel.


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