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 L Sealing Machines And Heat Shrink Tunnels

by minipack®-torre

 Minipack Torre Pratika Auto L Sealer

We offer a range of L sealing machinery produced by minipack®-torre which have been perfected through years of expertise, leading them to be the priority choice of L sealing machines for many laundries, bakeries and other industries all over the UK and Europe. Our semi automatic and fully automatic L Sealing Machines come with many excellent features:

• Packing speeds dependent on versions available 

• Simplicity of use, both in terms of operation and of set-up 

• Superb flexibility to wrap a wide range of products, shapes and sizes

The complete range of Semi Automatic L sealers and Tunnels 

Semi-Auto L Sealing Machines

semi automatic l sealer

• Wide choice of models to suit almost any application 

• Choice of sealing areas depending upon your needs

 • Can be linked to one of our heat tunnels as required

• Speed range up to 900 packs per hour with proven reliability 

Heat Shrink Tunnels

heat shrink wrapping tunnel

• Range of heat tunnels can be fully integrated with our L Sealing machine range. With single or double chamber and options of a stainless steel version

• Can cater for your exact requirement

• Models with a host of new technical innovations unique to minipack®-torre

Monoblock L Sealer Machines

semi automatic l sealer and tunnel minipack torre media

• Includes intermediate level machines such as the monobloc Media machine 

 • The Pratika smart offers you fully automated solutions 

For all our L Sealing machines we have a heat shrink tunnel to match perfectly, we also have monoblock systems that have their heat tunnel incorporated.

For fully automatic shrink lines view here 

Modular 50 Semi Automatic L Sealer

Pratika 55 Smart Monoblock Automatic L Sealing Machine

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