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Shrink and Mail Wrapping for Printing 

Our extensive machine range accommodates for a wide range of requirements for various different printing options. These include; magazines, newspapers, instruction manuals and many more. We can offer machinery already widely used within an ever evolving printing industry - from a simple manual chamber machine for occasional use right through to our PLEXI range of mailing machines which can produce from 30-60 shrink wrapped pieces per minute! We can meet any request in terms of productivity and product size. 

Below are our most popular machines sold into the printing industry, for more recommendations please click here

Replay 55 Evo Manual Chamber Machine

Replay 55 Evo Manual Chamber Machine for printing and packaging

•Perfect for printing and mailing companies just starting out 

• Works for lower volume shrink wrapping of products varying in size

• Excellent quality mechanical features 

• Extremely competitive price 

FM76A Semi-Automatic Chamber Machine 

FM76A Semi-Automatic Chamber Machine for printing and packaging

• Next step up from the Replay 55 Evo

• All the benefits of the Replay 55 Evo for printing companies 

• Additional automated chamber and plate - overall higher productivity rate 

• Can achieve up to 650 shrink wrapped pieces per hour 

The Mailbag Machine

Mailbag Machine for packaging and printing

• Vertical bagging machine 

• Perfect for magazines, instruction booklets, publications etc

• Self-adjustable bag length to suit your product

• Various collar sizes for the width 

• Can collect product at floor level or a transport belt can be fitted to bring the product up to working height - makes collecting the end product easier 

The PLEXI High Volume Horizontal Bagging Machine

PLEXI high volume horizontal bagging machine for printing and packaging

• PLEXI range used in high volume printers best suited to uniform A4 and A5 sized publications 

• Capable of wrapping up to 60 pieces per minute 

• Add our Tunnel Twin 50- machine can wrap any product up to A3 size (420 x 300 mm) and with height up to 32mm

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