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MS70 Sleeve Wrapping/Bundling Machine
MS70 Sleeve Wrapping/Bundling Machine

    The MS70 from Minipack-Torre Gramegna is a Semi Automatic Sleeve Wrapper With Pusher with a Sealing Bar of 700mm


    Our range of Minipack-Torre Gramegna bundling machines offer efficiency, reliability and high performance which guarantees ideal working conditions in any situation..

    This machine has a Pneumatic pusher in line with the scraper and a passage opening under the sealing bar of 380 mm.  The automatic upper and lower system unwinds the film reel with dragging rollers and has a heat-shrinking tunnel Length of 1300 mm with air circulation system.

    Our sleeve wrapping bundling machines areare built with a solid single-unit structure and are equipped with a safety photocell which blocks the sealing bar whenever its encounters an obstacle in its path. it is ideal for wrapping both individual or multiple products using polyethylene film. 





  • Production up to 30 pcs/min (up to an A4 format) 
  • Easy to use.
  • Variety of materials that can be used: polyethylene, polyolefin, cartene plastic, polypropylene 
  • Quick format changeover from the display 
  • Machine with an extremely compact design.
  • Reduced investment for a high-performance machine 
  • Use of flat reels (reels with more film) 
  • No film waste (scrap) during production 
  • Lower energy consumption (1 kW - 220 V).


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