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TMS300 Semi-Automatic Table Strapping Machine
TMS300 Semi-Automatic Table Strapping Machine

This product is a sturdily built and reliable machine with a fully enclosed cabinet.  It is simple to use, by feeding the strap around the package, the machine will automatically tension, heat seal and cut the straps.

Great for larger and bulky packages and is compatible with polypropylene machine strapping of 6-16mm



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  • Automatically adjusts to accommodeate varying carton dimensions.  
  • Simple use and maintenance> Seals up to 1200 cartons per minute 
  • Seals 150 - 500mm wide and 120 - 500mm high cartons 
  • Outfeed and infeed conveyors as standard
  • Braking swivel castors 
  • Adjustable table height option 680-880
  • Reliable, energy efficient operation
  • Power Consumption 450w
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 1170 x 930 x 1550mm


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