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Industrial packaging machinery 

We have several industrial packaging machines to choose from, according to your specific business needs ranging from manual chamber shrink machines to Media and Modular semi-automatic machines with tunnel. We also offer a range of Pratika automatic machines which are inevitably popular due to being able to offer the best packaging solution for industrial environments. Following on from the production process we can supply all of the equipment required to create a completely automated line from initial product to dispatch, including conveyoring, case taping machines, strapping  machines and pallet wrappers!

Below are our most popular machines sold into the industrial sector, for more recommendations please click here

Modular 50 L Sealing Machine

Modular 50 L sealing machine

• Semi-automatic L sealer 

• Fast, reliable, operator friendly 

• Compact size and mobility: can be stored away 

• Works with Tunnel 50 Digit: creates an all in seal perfect for regular relatively low volume shrink wrapping requirements 

Sleeve Wrapping Machines

Sleeve wrapping machines for industrial packaging production

• Designed to integrate into production lines

• Perfect for building products for transit 

• Various models available with different sealing bar widths and pack coolers etc

Pratika Automatic Range

pratika minipack torre auto l sealer

• Number 1 choice for companies needing to achieve high production targets 

• Offers the highest rate of technology in terms of programming and features: can be tailored to meet specific requirements and reduces labour costs 

Danflow Horizontal Wrapping Machines 

record ulma flow packer

• Small and compact: provides an economical and highly effective introduction into flow wrapping 

 • Entry level small flow wrapping machines options

• Fully stainless steel horizontal wrappers with printing and no product no bag options

Turntable Pallet Wrapping Machines

Turntable pallet wrapping machine

• Standard, soft wrapping or power pre-stretch machines 

• Options to suit your product and the amount of tension required to wrap your pallet in the most secure way 

Case Taping Machines

Case Taping Machine

• Semi or fully automatic range 

• Can accommodate both same size or irregular size packages 

• Range of machines that can integrate into a complete production / packaging line: 

saves time, money, improves efficiency and gives a smart, professional finish to end of line packages 

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