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SIAT S8 Case Taping Machine
SIAT S8 Case Taping Machine
The SIAT S8 and S8/4 are suitable for different sized boxes and can be manually adjusted to suit. 
This is a manually fed, pre-set case sealing machines suitable for sealing a wide range of case sizes up to 500 x 500mm. They are quick and easy for any operator to set up and run. They use side drive belts to transfer the cases as this allows the taping heads to get closer to smaller cases. Reliable, low maintenance SIAT K11 top and bottom taping heads are used to apply 50mm wide self-adhesive tape for a perfect seal time after time.

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  • Best suited to batch sealing of uniform-sized cartons 
  • Simultaneous top and bottom carton flap sealing 
  • Manual upper sealing head height adjustment 
  • Adjustable leg height and lockable swivel castors 
  • Infeed and outfeed roller conveyors 
  • Easy-loading upper and lower 50mm wide tape heads75mm wide tape heads vailable on request 
  • Table height 680-880mm
  • Power consumption 450W


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