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SIAT SK10 Bottom Belt Driven Semi-Automatic

Case Taping Machine

The SIAT SK10 has been designed and engineered by SIAT specifically for medium sized boxes of the same size with a minimum weight of 3kg.  SIAT machines are very reliable and this semi-automatic bottom belt driven case and box taping machine is no exception. SK10 is the ideal case taping machine for a variety of industries like food and beverage, pharmaceutical, clothing and electronics.  

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  • Best suited to batch sealing of medium sized uniform-sized cartons 
  • Simultaneous top and bottom carton flap sealing 
  • Manual upper sealing head height adjustment 
  • Central emergency stop to work safely on both machine sides
  • Best-In-Class components with SIEMENS electric components
  • Infeed and outfeed conveyors available
  • Easy-loading upper and lower 50mm wide tape heads 
  • Simple Intuitive set up process
  • Single phase 230v Power supply


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